Sunday, April 10, 2011

Administrative Decisions of SIRD, Mizoram:

26th Governing Body Meeting, dated 9th February, 2011 chuan a hnuaia mi ang hian ro a rel a. Office lamin a bawhzui mek bawk:

i)     As decided by the Governing Body, the process for filling up the 2 vacant posts of Core Faculties / Asst. Director (Eco) and (Agri) is under way. It is expected to have new Faculty members by May, 2011.
ii)     The pay and allowances of the SIRD was revised as per the ‘Mizoram (Revision of Pay) Rules, 2010.
iii)    Mr. Khuangthansanga Pakhuangte, Core Faculty / Assistant Director, who had joined the Institute in the year 2003, and conducted over 80 training programmes as Course Director, among many other accomplishments, was promoted to the Senior Core Faculty/Deputy Director, SIRD.
iv)    The GB decided that the Principals of Extension Training Centres, Mizoram, who were posted as such on promotion are included among the Seior Core Faculties of SIRD, and are inter-transferable with the Sr. CF/Dy. Director of SIRD. Accordingly, the Senior CF are transferred and posted as follow:
Sl. No
New Post
Mr. Khuangthansanga Pakhuangte, Sr. CF/DD, SIRD
Principal, ETC, Pukpui.
Mr. Khawlsiamthanga Khawlhring, Principal, ETC, Pukpui.
Principal, ETC, Thingsulthliah.
Mrs. MS Dawngliani Fanai, Principal, ETC, Thingsulthliah
Sr. CF/DD, SIRD, Mizoram, Kolasib.

        The officers are expected to join their new posts within April, 2011.
v)    Discontinuation of permission to hold ‘lien’ by departers of the Institute, and payment of NPA for CF(Vety): The Governing Body, after due deliberation, decided that the permission to hold lien by any employee leaving the Institute, should be discontinued as this has undesirable effects on the attractiveness of the posts since the appointments to such posts during the period of LIEN can only be made on officiating basis.
        The payment of Non-Practicing Allowance is also discontinued with retrospective effect from 31st October, 2009, as the GB observed that a person appointed as Core Faculty (Vety), is not employed as a veterinary doctor, but as a faculty of SIRD to guide the stakeholders of RD programmes which may not necessarily be in the field of veterinary science.
vi)    The Budgets of the SIRD amounting to Rs. 178.10 lakh and the two ETCs amounting to Rs. 102.85 lakh for the year 2011-12, were also approved by the Governing Body. The total financial outlay for the three Institutes is Rs. 280.95 lakh.
vii)   The Governing Body felt it necessary to revise the existing Recruitment Rules, and entrusted the Director, SIRD, to draft a new Service Rule for all employees of the SIRD and ETCs of Mizoram.
        The GB further assigned the SIRD to exercise envisioning for SIRD and ETCs of Mizoram.

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